Visiting Greenacres Animal Park

A few weeks ago we finally set out to visit our first animal park, I have always had mixed opinions about these places because I love animals and being able to get so close to the animals and feed / pet them. But seeing some of the areas these animals are kept in is heart … Continue reading Visiting Greenacres Animal Park

Visiting Sicily

Sicily is a small island of Italy that I only ever knew as the football to the boot until a couple months ago, I finally realised that the small island was called Sicily and that the island was actually an active volcano. So when my friend Jen asked if I wanted to go on a … Continue reading Visiting Sicily

Exploring London

Recently me and a couple of friends headed to London for a couple of days. The main reason we headed down was to see Pvris live in concert, but being down in London meant that we got to do all the exciting things like seeing the sites. We went down to London first thing on … Continue reading Exploring London

My First Time Travelling Without Adults

Now, I know what you're thinking, if I was old enough to travel alone, then technically I was an adult. So really I should have titled this 'The First Time I Travelled As The Adult'. But anyway, the first time I left the country without someone I considered an 'responsible adult' by my side was … Continue reading My First Time Travelling Without Adults

Delamere Forest

Growing up, Delamere Forest has always seemed like a fairy tale land to me. One of my bestfriends growing up would go there every year to get her Christmas Tree and I always aspired to do. But without a car, my family could only get to places that was accessible by public transport (which I … Continue reading Delamere Forest

Local Adventures

I always love traveling and adventuring and my inside urges me to get out of the country in order to see something new. But recently, I have been taking advantage of my local area and exploring places that I may have never really seen properly before. Last weekΒ I took to adventuring Thurstaton, with two friends. … Continue reading Local Adventures

What Traveling Means to Me

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, I've always know that I never wanted to stay in the UK once I had the opportunity to leave. My main aim was to move to America, but as I have matured, I realised I don't want to settle down in one place, I constantly … Continue reading What Traveling Means to Me