Introverted Traveling

Whenever I have travelled, I have always going either alone, or with a small group of friends that I know and love. I have had only one or two trips were I met new people and I really enjoyed it but I always love the idea of just myself, or me and a group of … Continue reading Introverted Traveling

What Traveling Means to Me

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, I've always know that I never wanted to stay in the UK once I had the opportunity to leave. My main aim was to move to America, but as I have matured, I realised I don't want to settle down in one place, I constantly … Continue reading What Traveling Means to Me

10 Countries I Want To Visit Before I Die

Okay, so I am a huge traveller and yes one of my main goals in life is to visit every single country in the world at least once. That's going to be hard to do because there are 196 countries in the world, so I would need to average aroundΒ 5 a year to visit them … Continue reading 10 Countries I Want To Visit Before I Die

My 2017 Goals

2016 was not the year I expected it to be… I never expected last year to turn out how it did, but unfortunately things happen and it was what it was. But I learnt many different things last year, I accepted myself for who I was, physically and mentally, I also finally accepted my sexuality … Continue reading My 2017 Goals