10 Bucket List Items I Want To Tackle This Year

Recently, I posted a my bucket list of everythingย I want to achieve before I die. This is a pretty huge list and I know I will always be adding to it as I grow in my experiences and life. My Bucket List was something that I put together last year when I finally sat down … Continue reading 10 Bucket List Items I Want To Tackle This Year

My 2017 Goals

2016 was not the year I expected it to beโ€ฆ I never expected last year to turn out how it did, but unfortunately things happen and it was what it was. But I learnt many different things last year, I accepted myself for who I was, physically and mentally, I also finally accepted my sexuality … Continue reading My 2017 Goals

Welcome To 2017

I have always wanted to travel, ever since I was a little girlย I was fascinated by new things, different places, exciting experiences. I would look up at my parents and think wow I would love to do that one day, think of a place, book it and go because that's essentially what traveling was. Never … Continue reading Welcome To 2017