Introverted Traveling

Whenever I have travelled, I have always going either alone, or with a small group of friends that I know and love. I have had only one or two trips were I met new people and I really enjoyed it but I always love the idea of just myself, or me and a group of … Continue reading Introverted Traveling

My First Time Travelling Without Adults

Now, I know what you're thinking, if I was old enough to travel alone, then technically I was an adult. So really I should have titled this 'The First Time I Travelled As The Adult'. But anyway, the first time I left the country without someone I considered an 'responsible adult' by my side was … Continue reading My First Time Travelling Without Adults

Delamere Forest

Growing up, Delamere Forest has always seemed like a fairy tale land to me. One of my bestfriends growing up would go there every year to get her Christmas Tree and I always aspired to do. But without a car, my family could only get to places that was accessible by public transport (which I … Continue reading Delamere Forest

Local Adventures

I always love traveling and adventuring and my inside urges me to get out of the country in order to see something new. But recently, I have been taking advantage of my local area and exploring places that I may have never really seen properly before. Last weekย I took to adventuring Thurstaton, with two friends. … Continue reading Local Adventures

10 Bucket List Items I Want To Tackle This Year

Recently, I posted a my bucket list of everythingย I want to achieve before I die. This is a pretty huge list and I know I will always be adding to it as I grow in my experiences and life. My Bucket List was something that I put together last year when I finally sat down … Continue reading 10 Bucket List Items I Want To Tackle This Year