My Bucket List

Here is my bucket list, which I plan to continuously update as time goes on and I tick items off but also when I am wanting to add more!

  1. Abseil
  2. Attend a midnight viewing of a movie
  3. Attend Gay Pride
  4. Become a Brownie Leader
  5. Become someone’s first choice
  6. Build my own house
  7. Bungee jump
  8. Buy a puppy
  9. Buy my Mum a house
  10. Celebrate Thanks Giving in America
  11. Celebrate the 4th of July in America
  12. Chase a tornado
  13. Climb Mount Everest
  14. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  15. Complete my apprenticeship
  16. Do the colour run
  17. Float in the Dead Sea
  18. Get my driving licence
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Give blood
  21. Go backpacking
  22. Go on a cruise
  23. Go on a tube in London
  24. Go on the London Eye
  25. Go Scuba Diving
  26. Go to a drive-in-movie
  27. Go to a festival
  28. Go to Coachella
  29. Go to Comic Con
  30. Go to Tomorrowland
  31. Go to Vid Con
  32. Go Ziplining
  33. Have my first kiss
  34. Hold a monkey
  35. Indoor skydive
  36. Kiss in the rain
  37. Learn to play the piano
  38. Meet Cimorelli
  39. Meet Laura Prepon
  40. Move out
  41. Own a car
  42. Own my own business
  43. Plan an event
  44. Play Paintball
  45. Play paint twister
  46. Play with a group of puppies
  47. Raise over Β£1,000 for Charity
  48. Read over 1,000 books
  49. Read the Harry Potter Series
  50. Ride at the front of a train
  51. Road trip Route 66
  52. Run my own Brownie Group
  53. Run my own Rainbow Group
  54. See a Broadway show in London
  55. See Auschwitz
  56. See a Cimorelli Concert
  57. See Ground Zero
  58. See Niagara Falls
  59. See the Eiffel Tower
  60. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  61. See the Grand Canton
  62. See the Northern Lights
  63. See the Pyramids
  64. See the Statue of Liberty
  65. See the White House
  66. See Venice Beach
  67. Send a care package to a Soldier
  68. Serve food at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day
  69. Skydive
  70. Sleep in a tree house
  71. Sleep on an overnight train
  72. Speak another language
  73. Sponsor a Childs Wish
  74. Stargaze in a zero light pollution zone
  75. Stay in an underwater hotel
  76. Swim with dolphins
  77. Swim with sharks
  78. Travel first class on a plane
  79. Travel outside the UK
  80. Visit Alcatraz
  81. Visit Anne Franks House
  82. Visit Aokinghara
  83. Visit a volcano
  84. Visit Bora Bora
  85. Visit Brighton Pier
  86. Visit Delamere Forest
  87. Visit Disney Land Florida
  88. Visit every country at least once
  89. Visit every state in America
  90. Visit Lapland
  91. Visit Orlando Florida
  92. Visit Pompeii
  93. Visit Santa Monica Pier
  94. Visit Stonehenge
  95. Visit the best theme parks in America
  96. Visit Times Square
  97. Visit Yellow Stone National Park
  98. Volunteer to build schools / houses for less fortunate countries
  99. Volunteer with over 100 different charities
  100. Walk the Great Wall Of China
  101. Watch the sun rise
  102. Watch the sun set
  103. Wear a snake around my neck
  104. Write a magazine article