Introverted Traveling

Whenever I have travelled, I have always going either alone, or with a small group of friends that I know and love. I have had only one or two trips were I met new people and I really enjoyed it but I always love the idea of just myself, or me and a group of … Continue reading Introverted Traveling

What Traveling Means to Me

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, I've always know that I never wanted to stay in the UK once I had the opportunity to leave. My main aim was to move to America, but as I have matured, I realised I don't want to settle down in one place, I constantly … Continue reading What Traveling Means to Me

Welcome To 2017

I have always wanted to travel, ever since I was a little girlΒ I was fascinated by new things, different places, exciting experiences. I would look up at my parents and think wow I would love to do that one day, think of a place, book it and go because that's essentially what traveling was. Never … Continue reading Welcome To 2017