Colour Obstacle Rush – 2017

Ever since it became a ‘thing’, I have wanted to do both a colour run and a obstacle course. For those of you who don’t know, a colour run is a 5k – 10k run with stations along the way with people throwing dry paint at you (corn flour & food colouring).

Last weekend, I got the joys of doing a Colour obstacle Rush, which was a 5k run, with different obstacle courses stations along the way and people continuously throwing powdered paint at you.

We arrived at the even in Liverpool and were handed out pristine white t-shirts which we changed into instantly. We then headed to drop our bags off and get our face paint and sweat bands.

We were ready to go.


We had arrived super early to the event meaning that we had the chance to gt involved in some of the paint party workouts that took place throughout the event. We unfortunately didn’t have paint packets because we had yet to run, but we threw ourselves in there anyway.


With around 100 people surrounding up holding powdered paint packets I really should have prepared myself more for the cloud of pain tha was about to take over, but me being me, thought I would be fine. I was not.

The paint got everywhere, my eyes, my mouth, up my nose, I even managed to breathe it in to that it was in my lungs. However, we continued to dance and know that this was something we needed to prepare our bodies for on the run.

After out pre-run warm up we headed to the queue to start the 5k and I was itching to go. I love throwing myself about and was eager to get myself onto the first obstacle.

We headed off and throughout the run we encountered giant slides, space hopper, nets and much more! Unfortunately I wasn’t covered in anywhere near as much paint as I thought I would be, even though I would run up to any person throwing the pain and ask them to chuck it all over me.

Oh well, at least I tried.

Around 90 minutes later when we reached the end of our 5k run, we were tired and sore. But we were handed a large paint packed ready for out after party and headed to the main stage. We decided to use our paint before the party to cover each other with as none of us were covered in that much paint.


Once all the partying was done, we were given our medals for running the 5k and headed to the potraloos to get changed, because Jen did not want this dust all in her car (and I don’t blame her).

The day was so much fun and I cannot wait to do another one in the future. Although next time some running preparation may be needed…

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