First Time Fishing

Okay, so the title says finishing, and to be honest, I finish catch anything and I only brought in one rod and that was when we were planning on moving, not because there was a sea creature on the other end of it. But last weekend I spent around 5 hours on a boat while my friends dad and his friend fished.

I had never done anything like this before and was slightly worried about the day, but being who I was, I got on with it anyway. The boat wasn’t too bad, trying to stand up was the hardest part. Me and Jen were honestly all over the place, but is was bloody hilarious so we rarely sat down.


It was amazing seeing my home town from another angle, and one that I had never seen before.

Over the day my Jens dad and friend managed to catch some fish, they started with Smoothound, which was A LOT bigger than I expected the fish to be. Of course, I help the large fish, which was TERRIFYING because it started to squirm, and trying to hold and control a fish longer than my arm definitely was not going to end well.

So I had the fish taken off me and we threw it back into the river, which was the best part because the fish never died. Over the day we caught other small fish and my favourite a star fish which I held happily because this was something small that was unlikely to flop around.

The day was a lot of fun, and no one was sick over the side of the boat (although we did see another boat that had someone throwing up over the other side of it).

I would love to do it again, just on a sunnier day, because it was freezing and due to the wind the boat was all over the place. But it was a new experience and I loved it!

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