Exploring Buxton

As I write this, I am currently in a hot bath with my hair in a top knot. Why? Because my feet physically cannot function properly yet. 

Today, me and 3 friends set off to explore the town of Buxton, to explore quarry’s, Jodrell Bank, and see where Buxton water is made (of course). We climbed up 3 different rock faces, to try to get to the highest point, so my feet are not available for walking for another 2 days.

We started the morning with a 90 minute road trip to Buxton in the pouring rain. I thought we couldn’t have picked a worse day to go on an adventure. But I was then reminded by Jen that there is never a bad day to go on an adventure. And she was 100% right, I was just tired and groggy from my 7am wake up call. 

Luckily, once we got to Buxton, the rain disappeared and allowed us to start the adventuring! (As soon as we hit the nearest costa for coffee and hot chocolate).

Our first point of call was a quarry, that no one visits and we could go wherever we wanted. The first one we visited was a success. So we tracked up to the quarry and climbed out first steep hill / mountain face, to get to the first layer. Here we decided to sit and have some lunch. 

After lunch we took our first tackle of climbing up one of the main hills, which was wet, slippy and full of slugs and what I hope was bird poo (which we all put our hands in at one point). After about 30 minutes of trying we retreated and tried to find another way up.

I’m comes the third hill, which we managed to climb in almost half the time, as there was more rocks and stables parts of grass. But we couldn’t not get to the top, so we came back down. Here is where I almost fell twice due to my books being wet, slippy and I wasn’t being to careful if I’m honest. 

We continued to walk around the cliff where Matt told us we were approaching Blue Lagoon. The only blue lagoon I know is the cocktail, and it’s pretty damn good so this had some high expectations to meet. 


Fair enough, it’s a lake FULL of different chemicals that have managed to turn all the surrounding rocks white. But all the same, it was stunning. Although you wouldn’t catch my swimming in there. 

We then tracked around the mountain and down to the blue lagoon, as we couldn’t actually get to the top because that’s were the sheep lived, so it was surrounded by wire…

After this we headed to the Buxton water factory (not what I expected). Then to Jodrell Bank we’re we got to look around the observatory and play with all the cool science toys that are mean to entertain children. 

Finally, we headed to McDonald’s (breaking mine and jens one month of no takeout rule) and then headed home, were we sung our heart out in the car and shouted MINI until our lungs burst.

The day was so much fun, and it ended with a well deserved bath, and a film in bed! 

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