Visiting Greenacres Animal Park

A few weeks ago we finally set out to visit our first animal park, I have always had mixed opinions about these places because I love animals and being able to get so close to the animals and feed / pet them. But seeing some of the areas these animals are kept in is heart breaking.

But with the excitement of the day, we got to feed animals such as goats, lambs and even alpacas. It was the best feeling being able to get close to these animals and have them feeding out of the palm of my hand.

thumbnail_IMG_4402There were also animals to see such as rabbits, lemurs, chickens and even an ostrich. This place had so many different animals you could see. Going around to see these different types of animals was so fun and interesting, as some of them I had never seen before.

thumbnail_IMG_4477Towards the end of our trip, we went into the petting pen were they brought different animals around for you to see and pet while they give you some fun facts about the animals. We also go the exciting chance to feed baby goats out of bottles which was incredible.Β I squealed so hard when I saw them running in and following the bottles of milk.


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