Visiting Sicily

Sicily is a small island of Italy that I only ever knew as the football to the boot until a couple months ago, I finally realised that the small island was called Sicily and that the island was actually an active volcano. So when my friend Jen asked if I wanted to go on a short break away to Sicily, of course I said yes.

We managed to get 4 days in Sicily for just under Β£100 each including flights and our apartment. So the whole trip was a steal.

Unfortunately, the great Mount Etna decided it wasn’t staying dormant and decided to become active during the time that we were up there bu that did not stop us taking a trip up the volcano. We took a one day trip up the incredible volcano with an incredible tour guide and in was not only amazing to get so close to an active volcano, but the views of Sicily that we saw were incredible too.

Below are some of the pictures that I got on our small trip away to Sicily.

IMG_3710IMG_3743IMG_3783IMG_3891thumbnail_IMG_4130For a small island, there wasn’t much to do without a car, but all the same it was absolutely stunning.

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