Exploring London

Recently me and a couple of friends headed to London for a couple of days. The main reason we headed down was to see Pvris live in concert, but being down in London meant that we got to do all the exciting things like seeing the sites. We went down to London first thing on Thursday 4th May on the train, it only takes 2.5 hours on a virgin train to get to London so we were fine with that and took this time to sleep.

While in London we were lucky enough to find apartments that let you stay for one night, for an apartment that fit 4 people for one evening it cost us £112 which was perfect and it came with a discount code to some of the attractions in the city too. We booked with So Sienna apartments through booking and you can book yourself here:

So Sienna Appartments

Once we arrived at the apartment we were lucky enough to get an early check in meaning we could dump our bags and head into the main city. Our first stop was the London Eye, we were lucky enough to be able to get a ticket on the day (after queuing for 30 minutes) but our apartment got us discount and it killed some time so I wasn’t complaining.


This was my third time on the London Eye and I have to be lucky enough for it to be sunny on my trip around, but I managed to see the sites and get some good pictures anyway. It always freaks me out slight when you don’t look like you’re moving until you look at the wheel structure and you realise how high you are.

Following this we went for food in my favourite place (Wagamamas) to fill up before we headed back to the apartment to get ready for the concert. After getting ready we headed to the tube station to travel one stop and go to the concert.

I didn’t expect the queue for the concert to be so long so when we arrived we passed a lot of fans already queueing before we realised that this was the queue and we headed to the back. Luckily we were not desperate to get to the front of the queue so we just decided to chill at the back of the arena and view from there (which gave me a better view of the stage being only 5”0).


I couldn’t have asked for a better gig from Pvris, the band performed incredibly and did not fail to put on a good show. Afterwards we headed back to the apartment for what I thought was going to be a simple night’s sleep. But myself and a friend ended up on the large double sofa bed which had a large dint in the middle so most of the night we ended up laughing at each other as we tried to figure this out.

The following day we allowed ourselves a lie in after the crazy night before. Once I was awake I tempted to get a shower but the only temperature the show seemed to have was scolding hot, and I am not a one for showers that are going to burn me alive so I gave that a miss.


Once we headed into central London we visited the normal sites, such as Big Ben and Westminster Abby, but because we had been to London before we wanted to do something we hadn’t done, therefore we headed to the O2 and took a return ride on the Emirates Air Line. This took us up in a cable car over the Thames, it was incredible to see a high view of this area in London as it was completely different to what we saw on the London Eye.

Luckily the weather was nice enough to allow us to go up on the cable car, but it was still windy so we did sway back and forth a bit, I actually found this quite soothing. One incredible thing about the Emirates Air Line is that it is located near the London City Airport Runway so we had places landing just overhead while on our return journey.


By the end of the day we were shattered and ready to jump on a train for 2.5 hours and head home. Due to a little trip to Kings Cross Station, my friend had bought a Harry Potter trivial pursuit so we played that for half the journey and it occurred to me how little knowledge I had of the books (even though I only read them a couple months ago). But it was still fun to play.

The two days were eventful and included some normal mishaps such as my friend getting on a tube without us and leaving me and another friend in hysterics, and I also had the luck of falling up the stairs and bashing my knee on the tube system. It was the end of the day and my legs were beginning to fail me so I did not have the energy to get up the stairs.

Altogether it was an exciting couple days and I cannot wait for the next reason for me to go to London.

*All photos used in this blog post are owned by me. If used elsewhere please ask first.*

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