Colour Obstacle Rush – 2017

Ever since it became a 'thing', I have wanted to do both a colour run and a obstacle course. For those of you who don't know, a colour run is a 5k - 10k run with stations along the way with people throwing dry paint at you (corn flour & food colouring). Last weekend, I … Continue reading Colour Obstacle Rush – 2017

Exploring Buxton

As I write this, I am currently in a hot bath with my hair in a top knot. Why? Because my feet physically cannot function properly yet.  Today, me and 3 friends set off to explore the town of Buxton, to explore quarry's, Jodrell Bank, and see where Buxton water is made (of course). We … Continue reading Exploring Buxton

First Time Fishing

Okay, so the title says finishing, and to be honest, I finish catch anything and I only brought in one rod and that was when we were planning on moving, not because there was a sea creature on the other end of it. But last weekend I spent around 5 hours on a boat while … Continue reading First Time Fishing

Visiting Greenacres Animal Park

A few weeks ago we finally set out to visit our first animal park, I have always had mixed opinions about these places because I love animals and being able to get so close to the animals and feed / pet them. But seeing some of the areas these animals are kept in is heart … Continue reading Visiting Greenacres Animal Park

Top 5 Things to Do In Amsterdam

Summer is coming and itโ€™s that time were people want to spend 2 weeks away lying on a sun lounger on the beach. But to me, thatโ€™s no fun, I would much rather spend 4-5 days in a beautiful city seeing the sites and being a tourist. So if youโ€™re like me and would rather … Continue reading Top 5 Things to Do In Amsterdam

Visiting Sicily

Sicily is a small island of Italy that I only ever knew as the football to the boot until a couple months ago, I finally realised that the small island was called Sicily and that the island was actually an active volcano. So when my friend Jen asked if I wanted to go on a … Continue reading Visiting Sicily

Exploring London

Recently me and a couple of friends headed to London for a couple of days. The main reason we headed down was to see Pvris live in concert, but being down in London meant that we got to do all the exciting things like seeing the sites. We went down to London first thing on … Continue reading Exploring London